Where It Began

Born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, I have always had a passion for how things in nature work. Fascinated by Biology in particular. Being a sporty girl, I initially planned to study Physiotherapy.
However I simply couldn’t make my mind up. So at 17 I chose the all encompassing degree of Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology in the hopes that I would specialize at some point.

3 years on and I found that my drive was still towards Physiotherapy, however I came awaywith a great amount of appreciation and understanding of the various systems of the body.

What is FIT Physiology

During the following years of clinical practice I have seen more and more that therapy is exponentially more successful when you consider all lifestyle factors including mental and nutritional. 

FIT (Functional Integrative Techniques) Physiology is a unique approach to clinical practice geared towards providing the most effective and up-to-date method of treatment


COVID-19 and adjusting to the new normal

It should be said that this website has been flung into existence during the COVID-19 crisis as therapists around the world are adjusting to life in quarantine. It brings forward the question, what if we cannot be physically present with our patients and how can we still help them. While I don’t think there is any substitute for hands on care, there is still a lot of power in the hands of the patient when it comes to their health