Live Athletic

Enhance your lifestyle by treating your body like an athlete


Soft Tissue Therapy

Advanced tissue release techniques combined with a personalised rehab plan to treat a particular
injury or issue


Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage aimed at improving athletic performance and reducing pain


Exercise Prescription

A tailored exercise plan to help rehabilitate an injury or improve performance

A comprehensive and integrated approach to improving your well being.



Health and wellness is a valuable commodity and FIT Physiology provides a resource for you to take it back by focusing on the body as a whole. Whether this be with face-2-face therapy sessions or with informative video and ebook resources


F2F Therapy Sessions

Face to face session to really get to the core of of the issue, along with hands on treatment

Virtual Therapy Sessions

Therapy and advice from the comfort of your own home

Ebooks + Other Content

I provide content in various form. Ebooks, blog posts, videos and social media

I ache in places I had forgotten how to use. I look forward to doing the exercises at home. Very acute observation as to why my knees hurt more than my shoulder during one exercise. Very good care, ver good service

Mr Martin Evans

Soft Tissue Therapy (60 min)

A superb practitioner, one of the best in 20 years of massage

Mr William Docherty

1/2 Hour SPorts Massage (Upper Body) (30 min)

It was really great! Made me feel comfortable and safe coming. Really tailored the 30 minute session to what I asked and was genuinely wanting the best for me. Easy to talk to and was great to get to know Ashleigh. Will definitely recommend! Thank Youe

Ken Chan

1/2 Hour SPorts Massage (Upper Body) (30 min)

Very personable in her approach, and very thorough

Stella Vincent

Soft Tissue Therapy Follow-Up (45 min)

Great experience - Very professional and friendly service.

Went to the clinic in quite a bit of pain and felt some immediate relief. Will book a further appointment with Ashleigh.

Joanna Hastie

1/2 Hour Sports Massage (Upper Body) (30 min)

Christopher Aston

CORE FIT Phys Follow-Up

Mrs Deborah Ewen

CORE FIT Phys Consult + 1st Treatment

Mrs Jo Charters

Soft Tissue Therapy Follow-Up (45min)

Mr Gabriel Sheen

CORE Sports Massage (30min)

Mrs Karen Lwester

1/2 Hour Sports Massage (lower body) (30min)

Mr Mark Leonard

Soft Tissue Therapy Follow-Up (45min)

Lisa Dalton

Soft Tissue Therapy (60min)

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